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We are all normal

The fluidity of intimacy, 1996.  
The art experience is related to the experience of life.They inspire each other reciprocally. The experience of each individual depense on the notion it has of its own personal room, of its intimacy. The notion of intimacy is like a spiral turning out from a central point in perpetual decentralisation. Its the idea of a fragil border always mooving. In all day life its expresses its self through differents delimitations: the set up walls of a home, the partition of a chamber, a drawer, the clothes, the skin... Beyond this, its extend in the immaterial mental space. Its  extension is then dependant of a psychological dimension and cultural codes. Nevertheless through life , this vulnerable space is  regulary “remis en cause” or thwartet. So my work propose a sucessions of reflexions on the rooms that we practices.. It trys to question just that who establish/ or ground all kind of intimacy. If the the space of intimacy is like an unsisable space alwalys mooving, the artwork (often in installations) also situates its self between one coming and goging, presence absence, nearto faraway. As unsisable one like the other, the experiece of intimacy is related to the art experience. Art as such is the expressions of some private /intimate thoughts who all on exposing its self tends to isolate it self in its own world.   The personal handwritten letters are part of those tings nealy immaterial who are very intimimte to us. The territory of a piece of paper or a postcard contaning a thought, a travel descroption, un important event,  an anodine  fact etc. After  this logic, the personals letters presents a  multitude of small private spaces, moments without much importance, un constant streem “hors lieu” . To indistinct for the stastic to banal for the Histoie. Writing somebody is somehow as a prolongation of ones intimate space, bound a physical and mental border. In some way its also a way of “immortalizing “ one banal story, to raise the ordinary to some degree of singularity worthy attention. To preserve a piece of life on a white paper or press a flower between two pieces of paper. To seize a particulary  moment. Try to definate it through the events who sorrounds it. To give an sensation of what  the intimace means one have to have tried to intgrate the deep feeling of intimacy from the other, other persons. An artistic expression are not compulsorily an individual expression but may also be the atmosphere of an invisible presence of things and individuals..... Christine Melchiors 1996